Amlaíb ap Eus

Prince of Hyllr.


Title: Son of the King
Tribe: Corieltauvi
Kingdom: Yr Hen Ogledd, Elmet
Age: 17
Religion: Old Gods

I am the first born son of King Eus ep Eus of Hyllr. The name gifted to me upon my birth in the ancient grove just outside of Hyllr was Amlaíb, which is an ancient name which literally translates to “Ancestors Heirloom”, or “Heir.” It is a name my mother blessed me with when I was placed upon her breast after she gaveth birth to me. Her name was Alannah and despite dying soon after my birth, mine father never ceased telling me of her, for she was a rare beauty and a woman blessed with an inner fire the likes of which few have ever seen… and my father loved her fiercely for it.

As the years passed I was raised in what passes for my fathers court at Hyllr, surrounded by my kin: Berwyn whom stands my brother due to shared blood of our father and Rhedyn; my aunt and a woman that has taught me the ways of sweet talking to women… no matter how backhandedly that maybe. The two are my closest related kin by blood, but in truth I stand closest to Nuallán whom is my oldest and dearest friend. He is the adoptive son of Trahaeran, a fierce warrior and a skilled blacksmith that has taught me all there is to know of the real world.

Despite the size of mine family and the closeness I feel to each of them in my own way, they are not enough to soothe mine desire for contact and I often find myself wandering the unseen paths of the forest and the streets of Hyllr alike, searching for animals to hunt and people to meet. It is these interactions be they intimate or simply pleasant that I live for.

They are who I am, and many have already whispered behind my back that it is mine lusts and desires that are a gift and curse from Rhiannon, with a few going as far as suggesting that mine mother that perished so soon after mine birth did not perish at all, but merely left the mortal realm to stray in the world of the Gods themselves; leaving me with her gifts. Whilst I do not put much stock to these rumours, they do make for a nice evening chat with mine aunt that sometimes agrees, sometimes disagrees on the possibility.

For the past generations our clan has been at war with the invading tribes, among which the Saxons, Angles and Jutes stand the greatest. It was indeed their numbers that drove us from our ancestral homeland of Caer Logoe, but truth be told I can feel no hatred for these strangers. Their ways might be different from ours, and they might serve us cold iron and bronze when we meet, but in the end act we no different? Once these isles may have held only our blood kin, but that time is past now and this constant warfare serves no one. A peace must be forged… a lasting peace.

A peace like the ancient Romans held.

We may all stand different, but in the end we are more alike than we may wish to acknowledge, and be these men of our kin or no, I am not likely to judge a man by anything, but his own actions and deeds. Ancestral hatreds aside, faith aside… we must all be Men at some point, and I know that mine mother, be she a goddess or nay; sits astride the world of the gods somewhere, smiling down at me.

Legendary Deeds:
Divine Heritage (?) (2)
The rumours of my mothers nature and my heritage are unclear, but have given me an aura of purpose and destiny around those that hear of it.

The Gift of the Golden Tongue (3)
Far and wide I am known for my talent with words and play. I’ve settled grudges, ended a vendettas and more importantly repaired relations with one of our neighboring Kings whom previously held bad blood for our tribe due to ancestral feudings. Indeed, the king was so impressed that there are talks of marriage between our tribes now.

Legendary Love (1)
I’ve a certain fondness for the pleasures of the flesh, and take great pride in the fact that others too enjoy my… charms, with those that do proudly telling the tale to others.

Amlaíb ap Eus

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