Berwyn ap Eus

Prince of Hyllr.


Title:Son of the King
Kingdom:Yr Hen Ogledd, Elmet
Religion:Old Religion, Christian Heresy


From the earliest memories as a child, Berwyn has know conflict. How could he not his family forced from their homeland by the bloody Saxons. He remembered his grandfather and father leaving him in the care of the clans women and going off to scrimmage with their teulu. He remembered them coming home from battle bloodied and beaten, but not defeated. The Correlative would reclaim their homeland and drive the Saxons back across the water to whatever land they came from. It was not a fight that would be won in a day. Perhaps not even in a lifetime, but his people were strong. He had seen that.

His childhood had been pleasant, roaming the woods around Hyllr with his older brother by a year, Amlaíb and their close friend Nuallán. There they would fight mock battles of their own soundly defeating the Saxons day after day. It was in those woods that Berwyn learned to hunt and survive off the land. As he grew, As he grew, those in his clan began to remark that he showed an intelligence beyond his years. In another time and place, he might have been a scholar. In truth, he was a scholar of sorts. He studied war. His mentor was Trahaeran, his father’s trusted war chief. In some ways Trahaeran had been more of a father to him than Eus ap Eus. He spent hours learning to swing a sword and shoot a bow. Soon he was able to gain a competency with both weapons to rival the men in the teulu. At age 8 he killed his first wild boar. By age 14 he was joining the older men in battle, where he has begun to win their respect as a warrior in his own right.

Berwyn had a natural gift for tactics and strategy. He was often quick to share his views on how to best fight the clans enemies. Unfortunately, as he saw it, he was often dismissed out of hand because of his youth. Rather than be disheartened, he began to learn more subtle ways of sharing his advice. Some saw him as quiet and withdrawn, others as arrogant. He cares little what others think, however. His only concern is supporting his father and the Corieltauvi in their plight against the Saxons and he knows he can make a difference in the fight. If others resent him, then that iss their problem to deal with.

As his teen years approached, Berwyn stayed close to his brother Amlaíb, but their paths began to diverge. Amlaíb had a jovial heart and had always been popular. This became even more so as he began to reach maturity. He had an eye for the lasses, and they for him. Although he loved his brother, Berwyn began to resent him in small ways. Perhaps there was some jealousy of the attention he got. Perhaps it was because Amlaíb did not seem to take his father’s fight as seriously as he should. Whatever the cause, Berwyn soon found himself looking at his brother as more of a child as if somehow he had managed to become the older of the two. Whereas as children he had always looked up to the wisdom of Amlaíb, now he often found himself covering for his brother’s dalliances. He harbors no hard feeling toward his brother, but despite his desire to stay close, he keeps finding that they seem always to grow farther apart.

Nuallán has always seemed more of a brother than a cousin, being the same age and having similar interests to Berwyn. He often feel like he can confide more in Nuallán than Amlaíb. Since childhood the three boys have been inseparable.

Berwyn had never known his mother. She had died in childbirth. Eus had told her of her beauty and of the deep, though short lived, love the two of them had shared. She had been a Pict. His father had had an eye for foreign women. The closest thing he had ever had to a mother figure, was his father’s sister, Rhedyn ferch Eus. She had only returned to the clan from far off Avalon within the last few years, but when she rejoined the clan, she had doted over Amlaíb and Berwyn as if they were her own children. Berwyn respects her and her gift, for she can use Awen like no other he had met before.

Now sixteen year of age, Berwyn is a young man, conditioned for war. He has a stern countenance and seriousness about him that is better suited for a man far older and world-worn than he is. He is intelligent and quick to learn. He enjoys playing games of strategy such as Tallfwrdd and Gwyddbwyll and seldom does he lose. He is proving himself an apt leader among his clan and is often given responsibilities usually reserved for more veteran fighters. He sees himself poised to take his place among the renowned of his clan.

Berwyn followed the Old Religion along with the rest of his family and had learned much from his druidess aunt. He had always been interested in Christianity, but his only exposure to the religion had been through his grandfather and he had doubts about how knowledgeable the old man had been regarding the Roman faith. One day he intended on learning more about these Christ followers, should the opportunity avail itself.

Toward the Saxons, Berwyn held only hatred in his heart. He had never met any Jutes or Angles, but they were from the same land across the see on the mainland of Europe and as far as he was concerned, all three groups were invaders and should go back to their former lands. If they refused to go there, he would willingly send them to hell. The Romans had left and to him they were a matter of ancient history. He admired their military ability and the governmental structure. There was much that the Romans taught the Britons that the various kings could stand to learn from, if one was wise enough to use them. However, the Roman invaders had still been invaders and he was not sad that they were gone.

Starting Renown: 5
List of Legendary deeds:

Young Hunter (1) At age 8 Berwyn left home with a bow and a short sword to hunt down a wild boar. Three days later, tired and bloodied, the young boy returned dragging behind him a boar larger than himself. For the first time he had been seen as more than a child and people began to notice there was something special about him.

Contest Victor (1) Last year at his fathers birthday celebration a sword fighting competition had been held. Berwyn impressed the crowd by winning, defeating a man 10 years is elder.

Wise Beyond His Years (2) Berwin is quick witted and has gained a reputation of being intelligent. It is rumored that his father the king even includes him in some of his councils to get his opinion on important matters.

Successful commander (1) Eus has begun entrusting Berwyn with command of his teulu at times when they go to pillage Saxon villages. The young prince is gaining renown as a competent military leader, even among his enemies.

Berwyn ap Eus

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