Derwin ap Cleddyfwr

King's Magician.


Title: King’s Magician
Tribe: Corieltauvi
Kingdom: Yr Hen Ogledd, Elmet
Age: 24
Religion: Gwyddion the Magician


Where were you born?
Dun Breatainn

What is your association to the Corieltauvi of Hyllr:?
After the Saxons killed my family they took me prisoner and sooned learned that I had magical gifts. They kept me prisoner for several years and brought me forth only when they needed my magical gifts. During a battle with the Saxons King Eus liberated me and other britons. While we were escaping a great Saxon warrior came upon King Eus and began to get the better of him because of an injury he had sustained to his arm earlier in the battle. I caused a great fear to befall the Saxon warrior and King Eus was able to slay him as a result. Since that time we have shared a bond friendship. I am eternally grateful unto him for rescuing me and I will be forever his loyal servant.

Do you have any family? If so, who are they? If not, why, what happened?
My Family was raped and brutally murdered by Saxon raiders

What is your place within the tribe?
King’s Magician and friend

What are your feelings concerning the other tribes, or other parts of the Corieltauvi tribe in other locations?
I believe we should keep our differences at bay and stay united against the Saxons and build up a united briton where commerce and peace is the way of the land.

What are your feelings about the Saxons/Angles/Jutes, etc?
I have a bitter hatred for them. Afterall they slaughtered my family and raped my mother and sisters.

What are your feelings about the Romans?
I like some of their aspects of government and unity.

What are your feelings regarding religion?
The old Gods in particular Gwyddion the Magician

List of Legendary deeds:
I saved King Eus life and helped him to be able to slay a great Saxon Warrior

Derwin ap Cleddyfwr

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