Nuallán mac Graeme

Member of Teulu.


Title: N/A
Tribe: Corieltauvi
Kingdom: Yr Hen Ogledd, Elmet
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 162 lbs
Age: 16
Religion: The Gods of Ynys Prydein, mostly Gofannon & Lludd Llaw
Starting Renown: 7

My name is Nuallán mac Graeme. However, I rarely use the name of my true parents as they have been slain when I was just a wee lad though I still carry my father’s name who hailed from Taprain Law. For the majority of my life I have been raised by my mother’s brother, Trahaeran Ironhew. He is the a counsellor to Eus ap Eus, the leader of our village of Hyllr. My uncle is the former war chief of our king’s father for a time. Until he began to lend his opinion and wisdom to the current ruler as he has lived many years and seen more battles. Trahaeran is my only blood relative I know. I do have a brother with whom I do not share blood though. His name’s Amlaíb ap Eus ap Eus and he’s one of the chief’s sons. We both grew up under my uncle’s tutelage. While he’s more of a scholar than I am we are still great friends. He has the smarts and I the strengths but we both enjoy each other’s company and drinks and games and women. There’s also our chief’s other son, Berwyn ap Eus. He’s a fine lad who’s good with blade and even bow. When in training we often cross blades to see who comes out on top and who’s the better warrior. While I am often better with sword and shield he makes me look like a milk maid when it comes to shooting with a bow and leading men in battle. Truth is, I am far happier to fight for someone than having the burden to direct men in battle. It is hard to see who of them will succeed Eus ap Eus when the time comes but I think both are good though they have their own style.

As I am far from glad to stay in boring conversations and tradings I spend most of the day with my fellow warriors. We train with sword and shield and bow and spear. With some of them I am good even better than some but at the same time I lack the other skills. While Berwyn has said that this makes any large battle rigid and dangerous as sword and shield may be lost, I object. It is better to excel at some things instead of knowing everything with just a little bit.

I am not the largest man in our teulu, far from it. But I am build more square but more muscle and so heavier than some of my fellow warriors. I inherited the dark hair and eyes from my father who came from the north and some jokingly say the stature of my mother. I’ve recently passed the sixteenth winter of my life.

We Corieltauvi are one, either in Hyllr or everyhwere else. There are more than enough who want to see it dead, be it Saxons or Romans and I have no love for either. For all I care we might just cut them down where they stand and when they come at us. May Gofannon grant me and my sword the strength to keep standing in the fight and defeat them when they come.

Legendary Deeds:
This Last Drop in Town: Being the last to pass out drunk during a feast – Level 1
On the feast of Samhain, two years ago, I kept drinking with the men of the village until there was none left in Hyllr. When many have been passed out in the course of the feast, but I kept up. Even my uncle could not stand on his feet anymore but I finished the final drop as the last before dropping myself.

The Helmetsplitter: Fighting in a trial by combat, against a powerful opponent – Level 2
It is said that Beli Maw is guiding my hands in a fight, leaving some of my foes being cut down by terrible blows. As if to support this claim there was an strugle with a handful of Romans in Elmet after our men ventured along the borders. During our battle I cut down one of them, split his helmet just through the middle of the ridge and my sword only stopped when it reached his neck.

Unbroken Sword: Standing alone against a group of at least a hundred men. – Level 4
I despise picts and will never love them. When word hat reached us that some were raiding a farm village close by I was the first to shout my eagerness to defend our own from them. We traveled hard and quick and still came late. The village was in flames and screams were rising to the sky. The strength of the picts however had been greatly underestimated. Folk were still trapped in their houses when they set flame to them. To pull them off their spoils we shouted our arrival. Some of us fought and others made sure that while we did so the folk could be freed from their own home becoming their funeral pyre. I myself, stood near the center of the hovels, greeting the picts one after the other. My blade sliced through the furs of one to disarm him after rending his shield in two. Another’s leg went flying as my steel bit deep. A tall one ended up leaning against my shield and my sword through the front of his poor iron armour, ribs, organs and back and through his armour again. The steel forged by Trahaeran was tested and covered in notches that day but never failed despite being tested hundreds of times.

Nuallán mac Graeme

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