Rhedyn ferch Eus

King Eus' Sister. Druid.


Rhedyn is an exceptionally short woman with a thin build. She wears the robes of a druidess, with the tattoo of a crescent moon (the Kiss of the Goddess) on her forehead. She has long black hair that she wears braided and piercing green eyes. She tends to stand ramrod straight and rarely smiles.


Title: King’s Adviser
Tribe: Corieltauvi
Kingdom: Hyllr
Sex: Female
Height: 5’
Weight: 110 lbs
Age: 35
Religion: Old Religion

Rhedyn ferch Eus, known as “the Sharp,” both for her keen insight and sharp tongue, is the daughter of King Eus ap Penn and younger sister of King Eus ap Eus. She has fond memories of her father, who doted on her when she was a child and is fiercely loyal to his memory—and thus to the idea of restoring her family to their rightful place as rulers of their old homelands, now conquered by the Saxons. Eus ap Penn could clearly see that his daughter had the uncanny abilities of one with the potential to cast magic. Wanting the best for his daughter and believing it would be a valuable asset to his kingdom-in-exile, he sent her to Avalon for training as a druidess. Given the distance and the intensity of the training, Rhedyn made only rare visits home during this time, one of them being for the funeral of her father. She is grateful for the training she had, but is also bitter she was not able to see more of her father before he passed away. Upon completing the twenty years of druidic training, she returned to Hyllr, where she acts as an adviser to her brother, Eus ap Eus.

Rhedyn is a firm believer in the old ways. She is intensely suspicious of anything Roman or Christian influenced, because of their attacks both on the Old Religion and on the independence of women. Despite this, she makes an effort to be open-minded and tries to avoid showing the prejudice to Christians that most Christians show to pagans. Rhedyn has a strict sense of honor, one which she expects the other members of the royal family to live up to as well—and will reprimand them if they fail to meet it. Rhedyn believes that there is strength in honor and tradition and that by hewing closely to honor and the old ways, the Corieltauvi may gain the power they need to take back their lands from the Saxons and restore her family to their rightful place as monarchs of more than a small village.

Rhedyn has a sharp mind—and a sharp tongue. She is keenly insightful and capable of providing valuable advice, often arguing quite skillfully for her position. Though she makes an effort to be diplomatic when appropriate, it does not come naturally to her—she tends to be plain spoken and blunt, including in her criticisms of others. Given her strong views on following tradition and being honorable, some of her relatives and other members of Eus ap Eus’ household are one the wrong end of her sharp tongue more often than they might like.

Legendary Deeds:

The Terrorizing of the Saxon War Leader (Level 2): While Rhedyn was traveling from Avalon home to Eus’ court with only a small band of her brother’s warriors to protect her, they were set upon by a large Saxon force. Rhedyn defeated them by magically striking fear in their leader, demoralizing the rest of the men and causing them to flee.

The Vision of the Maurauding Saxons (Level 2): Rhedyn was able to use her ability to see through a pool of water to spot a Saxon army moving on Hyllr and the surrounding areas, in time for King Eus to marshal his men and stop them.

The Unveiling of Maelgwn’s Treachery (Level 2): At a war council against the Saxons, Rhedyn began to suspect that one of the Briton leaders, Maelgwn ap Custennyn, was up to something—-he seemed to be acting strangely to her. When she publicly harangued him in front of the council, he angrily broke down and shouted defiance at them, in the process confessing he had allied himself with the Saxons in hopes of avenging a long-standing grudge his family had against another royal Briton family.

Rhedyn ferch Eus

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