Trahaeran “Ironhew”

War Advisor


Trahaeran, by his very presence, demands respect. He is a tall towering bear of a man; large, muscular and intimidating with handsome brown hair and matching beard and moustache. His rich brown hair, thinner now and graying, grows long behind him, braided at times neatly over the shoulders of his armor. When he walks, Trahaeran’s body seems to glide rather than bob or jolt to and fro; though the man’s demeanor is typically focused about his surroundings: his jaw firm beneath a long forked beard, his deep brown eyes restlessly measuring the surroundings as though half expecting an attack.

Trahaeran talks loud, drinks hard, and fights like a cwthwm cewri (storm giant) gone berserk. He loves his clansmen and respects his king above all else. Over the years, the elder veteran has learned to love his kinsmen so much that he has formed a fraternal bond with the King’s two sons and has even fostered a son of his own; the son of his dead sister. He most likely speaks his mind too freely and has been known to overstep his boundaries in protocol when discussing affairs with his ruler. Still however the man is loyal to a tee, and quickly curbs these outbursts when realizing his lord is bothered by them.

His relationship with the king’s two son and his own fostered child is jovial and caring. He nurtures the lads as he would his own and tries best to raise them properly in a world full of peril. To his enemies however, the Saxons being the greatest among them, Trahaeran is nothing short of cold and brutal. His skill and prowess, combined with the knowledge of maneuvering upon the battlefield is legendary. Even for a man in his fifties.


Title: King’s Counselor
Tribe: Corieltauvi
Kingdom: Yr Hen Ogledd, Elmet
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Age: 51
Religion: The Gods of Ynys Prydein (pref. Gofannon, the Blacksmith God & Lludd Llaw Ereint of the Silver Hand)
Starting Renown: 6

Little is known to the youths of the Corieltauvi about Trahaeran’s life prior to his command of the king’s army, except that he was born into the position of Eus ap Eus’ war chief and earned it duly. Now however, over thirty years later, Trahaeran the “Ironhew” begrudgingly serves his lord as a trusted adviser; his heart still longing for the thrill of battle. In all honesty, The Ironhew was born Trahaeran mac Bleddyn, the firstborn son of a mighty warrior known throughout the Elmet as “The Wolf.” His father was taken unto the fold of the Corieltauvi when Eus ap Penn saw the man’s martial prowess and disdain of the Saxons. Lacking a proper war chief of his own at the time, the former slain during the fall of Caer Lyr, ap Penn quickly approached The Wolf and offered him command of his clansmen. Trahaeran’s father accepted his promotion, signing the contract in blood and serving ap Penn through a series of battles against the Saxons who fought to overtake their land.

In time, ap Penn would succumb to the detrimental effects of old age and his most hated enemy’s incursions. Over time, Trahaeran’s father would do the same. Not before however, passing on the mantle of command to his son with ap Penn’s heir’s approval. It would seem that Eus ap Eus, the son of ap Penn had grown to know The Ironhew as a child and looked up to the man’s loyalty and kindness shown to him as he would an elder brother. Over the course of the pair’s upbringing this bond would strengthen. It was no surprise Trahaeran earned his promotion. Much like his father before him, Trahaeran signed his pact to the new lord with blood and served the king faithfully for many years. As the two grew in years, the king decided to find another war chief. Partly due to popular consensus, partly due to the love of his clansman. Trahaeran soon found himself in the position of noble’s counselor; a position he secretly thought was beneath him.

Surely, the man thought, he still had much fight left inside him, and could still best serve his king upon the battlefield!

List of Legendary Deeds
All Hail the Iron Bear: Winning in physical games or tests during a festival – Level 1.
King Cwrast the Ragged once held a tournament during the feast held for a most trusted adviser’s betrothal. A contest among the men was held to see who could be the best wrestler. Trahaeran bested all those present that year and earned much respect among those attending. A most welcome affair for the new king Eus’ arrival among Cwrast’s people.

Brothers in Arms: (Saving the life of a lord or a person with influence in the community – Level 2.
Trahaeran first earned the respect of his father by saving the man from Saxon raiders. No more than twelve, the already capable warrior refused to heed his father’s insistence of fleeing a losing battle and successfully managed to defeat the Saxon warrior beset upon his father’s fallen form. With one fell thrust, Trahaeran slayed his father’s attacker and blessed the man with time enough to regain his composure. The two then battled for nearly an hour longer before both were able to procure an escape route to safer grounds.

My Brother My King: Saving the life of a lord or a person with influence in the community – Level 2.
King Eus’ childhood was spent like many others. Wishing to gain his father’s respect, the youthful ap Eus lead a band of warriors sent to defend his father’s region. Accompanying ap Eus was his near-brother, Trahaeran. The two grimaced as misinformation nearly cost them their lives. It would appear that the forces’ numbers were greatly understated and what should have been a simple defense, soon turned into a near slaughter. Still however, Trahaeran was able to protect himself and his future king. The two still reminisce over the battle.

Trahaeran “Ironhew”

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