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Ran: August 11th, 2015 – September 2nd, 2015
PCs: Amlaíb, Berwyn, Rhedyn, Derwin, Trahaeran, and Nuallan.

Ran: August 11th, 2015 – August 17th, 2015
PCs: Berwyn

June 1st, 485

The day was King Eus’ name day. While the party began inside his longhall, his son, Berwyn was nowhere to be found. King Eus worried, but would not show it to others as Berwyn’s whereabouts became a topic of conversation.

In truth, Berwyn had been abducted by Angles and held prisoner for three days. And yet, at the end of that time, he was visited by a beautiful Angle woman named Bearnoch. She freed Berwyn on the condition he did not flee and offered him an interesting proposition, marriage and alliance. That night, she took his manhood, but that was not enough to seal such a pact.

When Berwyn and Bearnoch arrived at his father’s party, the debate began almost immediately.

Eus’ other son, Amlaíb, was staunchly against any sort of union between the Britons and Angles, as was the court mage, Derwin. Eus’ sister, Rhedyn was disapproving, but in a more subtle and calculated way. In fact, Rhedyn took Bearnoach aside and questioned her with the aid of her magic. There, she found no guile in the girl, but what Bearnoch believed may be different than the truth.

Bearnoch’s elder brother had died at the hands of the Saxons. Her mother was supposedly a Roman witch that had foretold that Mars, a Roman god, would destroy the world, or perhaps just the Angles. It was unclear. When Eus met with everyone along after the party, he gauged their thoughts once more.

Still, Amlaíb and Derwin did not wish anything to do with the Angles. While Rhedyn was willing to see the Angles and parlay. The other three members of his teulu, Berwyn, Trahaeran, the old war chief, and his adopted son, Nuallan, each thought that an alliance could be beneficial in order to retake the land long lost to their tribe.

Finally, Eus decided to send his teulu to parlay with the Angles and judge the worth of this alliance once and for all.

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