Eus ap Eus

King of Hyllr.


Title: Petty King
Tribe: Corieltauvi
Kingdom: Hyllr, Elmet
Age: 41
Religion: Christianity Hersey, Old Religion

Background: King Eus ap Eus came into power in Hyllr twelve years ago. His father, King Eus ap Penn, was one of the many Corieltauvi kings defeated at Caer Lyr by the Saxons. The defeat fractured the Corieltauvi and eventually led to King Eus ap Penn to flee into Elmet and settle there under King Ceneu ap Coel’s protection. King Eus was given a parcel of land that had no direct ruler due to repeated Saxon invasions. The small village was called Hyllr in the far south of Elmet. By that time, the Corieltauvi were migrating north in strength, mixing with the Brigantes here and there. The people of Hyllr cared little for the tribe that ruled them, although most could trace their lineage to the Brigantes. They needed protection, and for many years King Eus ap Penn gave them just that. His son, King Eus ap Eus, has done the same. The man was a fierce fighter in his youth, and led his father’s forces against the Saxons, as meager as they were. Some years after he became king, King Eus fought a pitched battle with a large Saxon raiding party and took an arrow to the knee. Since then, he has seen little of battle, leaving that to his family which have taken the sword up against the invaders from the south.

Eus ap Eus

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